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  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

    The focus of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program treatment model will be directed toward the reduction of emotional or behavioral problems, and the restoration of age-appropriate skills, including:

    – Facilitating the enhancement of an individual’s independent living and social skills, including the individual’s ability to make decisions about his or her life, while creating opportunities for choice regarding home, school or work, or community; and

    – Promoting community resources to integrate the individual into the community.

    Rehabilitative activities (in individual sessions, psycho-educational groups, and family groups, as appropriate) that will be incorporated in the PRP include:

    – Self-care skills (i.e., hygiene, grooming, dietary planning, food preparation, age-appropriate involvement with self-administration of medication);

    – Social skills (i.e., conflict resolution training, improved peer interactions, anger management, improved interactions with authority figures, assertiveness training, assessing risks in social environments);

    – Independent living skills (i.e., maintaining personal living space, community awareness, mobility skills, monetary management, housekeeping, the importance of punctuality, task analyses, completion of chores, staying safe while in the community, education on age-appropriate meal preparation, doing laundry);

    – Leisure and recreational activities (i.e., development of healthy leisure activities, use of leisure to develop teamwork and peer support behaviors, promotion of productive and rewarding use of time spent alone);

    • – Schedule planning (i.e., daily schedule planning, time management, development of daily routine, development of routine before going to bed at night to prepare for the next day);

    – Cultural interests (i.e., exploration of activities that support the youth’s cultural interests by self-expression through artistic modalities);

    – Age-appropriate techniques and resources to provide understanding of the role and effects of medication and symptom management; and

    – Age-appropriate techniques and resources to understand basic healthy living, nutrition, exercise, sexuality, and health education/risk reduction.

    REFERRAL FORMS for Healthcare Providers

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